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Here is a schedule of events as it is laid out now.


Meet at Lane Motor Museum at 10:00 or later.
Registration: $20 per person, even if you do not bring a car, you will want to register as it will include admission to the museum and a goody bag with dash plaque and swag.
$10 Additional person will be if you just wish to get admission passes.
$3.00 if you wish to take the Lane Motor Museum Basement tour on Saturday 1:00
You will pick up your T-Shirt order if you placed one. Only a few extras will be available for sale.

Meet & Greet: 10:00-12:00
Time for members to arrive, registration tent open. may be the best chance to spend some time in the Museum

11:30-1:30: Lunch (Dandeez Famous Hotdogs Cart-lunch provided for all who register by New Vintage

2:00 Nissan Heritage Collection tour, free of charge to Opel Group, Private tour

5:00 Museum closes, (Time for Hotel check in).

6:30 Dinner at the Bavarian Beirhaus

8:00 Hotel Complimentary Room Open for Bench Racing, Spirits, Snacks


10:00 Show Starts at Lane Motor Museum

Registration: Same as Friday for people arriving today.

10-1:00 Meet & Greet

11-2:00 Lunch provided by food truck "The Love Bus"

1:00 Lane Motor Museum Basement Tour, private Opel group only tour. $3.00 per person, limit of 40

3:00 Awards/Auction

5:00 Museum closes, drive to the Parthenon for pictures, then to dinner at The Gerst Haus German and American Restaurant (Really nice all around menu)

8:00 Hotel complimentary room Open... Bench Racing, Spirits and Snacks.


Farewell day, open to spend time seeing the Nashville sights. Our hotel is close to the Opry attractions, American Pickers have a store in the old Marathon Motors building, or you could go back to tour the museum if you just didn't get the chance.

12:00 New Vintage Auto shop 80 miles East will open up for tour. Anyone and everyone is welcome to see our projects and hang out. 134 Carr Ave Cookeville, TN 38501
Here is an updated show schedule.
Sponsors include:
Opel GT Source
Alt Opel Club
New Vintage Automotive
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Rock Auto Parts
Summit Racing
SteveGT (Signage for the show)
Charles Goins (Artwork, car display signs)

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Gene (and the rest of the Georgia and Southeastern Opelers). I hope to see you all there as well as others from around the country (that I haven't seen at Carlisle recently) I hope to see you all there with or without an Opel.

I'm flying in from NY Thursday morning but am not renting a car. The Hotel has an airport shuttle but Gerri and I are going to need a ride to the museum etc.

Roy is driving all the way from AZ in his BIG Opel (Buick Regal) and Gil is flying in from California ....Anyone from the Northwest coming? We need to have representation from all over for what sounds like a great Nationals. Thanks to Keith and all (yes, Harold that includes you) that helped put this together.

Ps Keith , Don't forget to bring the bike if you have room. Thanks

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Room share?

I missed out responding quick enough to Kevin about sharing a room. I usually stay in my trailer but the heat may be too much. So if , anyone is interested in splitting a reserved room Friday and /or Saturday contact me ASAP. I will be making a final decision after I arrive at the Lane Museum and survey the setup. PM me if you may be open to this 1/2 split.
Thank you!!!!

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I've got several calls in the last couple of days, even several locals that have come by for parts to get their car here. So we have added a couple, of course we lose a couple too. We have a great show planned out, and we will be hosting a one day show each year in August so we are able make it bigger and better each year, and iron out details so that if the opportunity for another National Meet arises, then it will be that much easier to plan out.
And for you "fresh Motor guys"...really? The best thing you could do is a road trip. Gordo, Charles.....come on, who are you fooling? I'm starting to wonder about all these people scared to drive their Goins 2.5 Opels any distance....lol.

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Well, in my defense, I only got my engine running a week ago and on it's maiden voyage I lost half my oil in just 15 miles and killed half of all the mosquitos in NJ with the smoke from my over-filled tranny fluid vaporizing on the exhaust. Why? Because I'm a lousy car mechanic.

The engine, however, runs like a clock.

So, no, I won't be coming because I suck at car engine installation and Gosh knows what else I screwed up or forgot to do.


Charles, however, has no excuse and should be rudely ball busted if he doesn't show up!


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This trip is less of a marathon then some previous cross country drives.
I visited another GT 1.1 owner, LynnB in Guthrie OK, while staying in OKC.
He has a really nice GT survivor, engine is at machine shop.
I can verify that he has a powerful car, the 1.1 will be a contrast and joy.

Stopped in Memphis for a few hours with Elvis. His estate is doing well.
So 2 weeks from Cave Creek AZ to Nashville, La Quinta Wed night.

Tom, Green Opel GT, we met briefly in Carlisle 2010, IIRC.
I have a room with 2 double beds Wed - Sat nights.
Two other Opelers have inquired about sharing, but no one has committed yet.
My daughter and I traveled from AZ - NC in January '17. Three nights each way.
She says I snore, just thought you might want to know !
I am going to the Lane M M today (Thur.)to tour at my own pace, Friday also.
Looking forward to meeting some of you again, many others for the first time.
Some of you I might even remember, on a good day, Ha Ha

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Unfortunately I will be sitting this show out, my wallet says no go. :no: The past two months have been spent working on my Mazda RX8 project. Rebuilding the rotary engine ($$$$$$$$) and some of the suspension, it's taken up all of my "extra" spending money.

On a positive note, this weekend I will be helping Gabe assemble his new 2.0 for his GT. :banana: Hopefully we will be seeing his GT at some shows in 2018.

Everyone drive safe, have an awesome time and drink a beer for me. I will see you in Springfield IL for the RT66 festival.


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Thanks to Keith and Harold for hosting a great Opel nationals. The venue was fantastic and the museum incredible. Thanks to everyone for the best mod and longest traveled trophys. Hope they fit in the car with the suitcases! Here are some pics. The last two are for Gordon and PJ, one wack-a-doodle and one engineering marvel!


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