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I felt a vibration from the driveshaft only when accelerating and found there was some play in the rubber of the Volvo center joint. The joint is similar to one in Opels but it uses a spring to support the bearing in the doughnut. Well, the spring had popped out of the rubber and was laying flat so the driveshaft support was able to move a bit.
The spring sits in a hole at the bottom of the rubber support and its top is held in place by a small bump in the rubber beneath the bearing. Putting it back in place would have involved dropping both mufflers and disassembling the support.
I remembered how we used to stuff pieces of fan belts into the Opel center support when they failed and replacements were not available. I slid a piece of ac hose into the springs space and secured it. There is enough cushion in the support now to support the d-shaft.
Road test once this inch or two of rain stops.
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