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T-6 driver said:
Where did you get the fastners? My machinist says ARP might be the only way to go, I'm just looking for the best price. Just got a gasket set for $40, now I need a 2.0 head gasket, bolts and bearings and I should be good to gizzel!
ARP can no longer supply GT rod bolts - out of stock - but OGTS still lists Opel replacements as:
6067 Bolt, Connecting Rod: 1.9L @ $9.00 each
They also do 6068 76-91 2.0L Head Gaskets @ $58.80!
Try www.opelgtsource.com

I have discussed reuse of the original head bolts with Rally Bob and he has never seen a used one fail - but it is your risk to reuse them! The only replacement may be some "Ricer" ARP head studs but no idea what ones - let us know if you find something that fits. Likewise with main cap bolts/studs.....
That is why most people just reuse the originals - needs must :(
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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