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2nd to 3rd shift problems

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ok i occasionally will trailer my gt up to the local 1/8 mile track on drag night and i am running alot slower than first thought mainly because it takes close to a second and a half to shift from 2nd to 3rd is my trans dead or is there another cause?
my fastest time was 11.2 in the 1/8 mile
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oh and though i think it is bad i still wip up on the buzzing hondas
trans prob

have u taken it apart or atleast droped the pan to see if there is any were in the trans gears and what u may need a synchro or something. or it could just be the shift linkage i had a problem with my 72's shift linkage had to drop the whole trans and re weld up the trans and put no pins in and i did the seals at the same time. how many miles does ur trans have on it?? well hope any of this info may lead u to ur problem.
no i have not done any of that yet because i was going to take it to work and put it on a rack its just easier but thankyou for the help
the odometer reads 71,000 miles
i think the engine has been out before though so it might have more its just really aggrevating that i know i could be doing high 10s if i could shift faster
i think i am losing a mph and i have to have a complete rpm drop to shift

are there any syncro kit for them?

yah opel gt source sales synchros for the trans there
for the first and second gear synchro its $39
and for the third and forth gear synchro its $55
if this is ur problem then u will definetly need a
press to disassemble the trans. well hope that helps.
thanx i guess ill have to recheck their catalog again
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