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Here is a great open deal for everyone out there. A super deal in South Carolina if you move in the next 7 days. Here we have a motivated seller with some interesting cars for a great price as well as a lot of parts.

An Opels Unlimited take on this with a Todd check out goes somewhat like this - An Automatic GT looks like it is all there and plenty restorable for this area or complete parts car including complete hard to get Automatic Trans Conversion Kit. Good possibilities for Windshield, Front End Clip, Fenders and Doors or possibly restorable for just $500.

Next in line a early bumper Manta. Looks complete. Definitely good for parts. Black Interior. Engine, trans, drive train, always sought after early front bumper. Best to call Seller directly at 864-395-5016.

Another easy money possibility. Best of three. 1974 Manta. Even includes a set of four Smokey and the Bandit Aluminum Alloy Wheels. This is actually a famous car last owned by Ray Morrow of Opels Only in Tulsa, OK.

Lots of goodies and possibilities here. Opels Unlimited just can't move on these in the next 7 days so we are offering it up for all you East Coasters to enjoy. There is a real time limit, just a week to go. We would like to see these Opels and parts get into the direct hands of our current Opel family and enthusiasts on the East Coast while it is available this next week. This is a great opportunity for so many of you to get those hard to get parts or inexpensive cars you are always looking for.

If you are the lucky one, please get back to Todd, Debbie and Tammy at Opels Unlimited and follow up with us and tell us that we have saved these cars together.

The seller of these cars is Robert Burns and can be reached at 864-395-5016. If he does not answer leave a message. His email is [email protected] We have had nothing but positive interactions with this man who has been our customer. We believe in him and give him a big thumbs up.


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