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a cautious "no"

I've been looking for a while, say the last 10 years or so, for this type of swap, and it would seam that the demise of the CIH motor was pretty much the same time as the introduction of the OD automatic. The only options I haven't been able to research would be the late 80's Holdens in Australia with the CIH inline-6, mostly because I was stationed on the east coast. They might have had a CIH-OD combo at one point that I don't know about.

The new 4L30-E automatic in the Opel Omega (Caddy Catera, in the US) and Isuzu Rodeo and Axiom trucks might be an option. It also has a removable bell housing that looks the same as the one on the front of the Opel 3 speed automatics. (Most GM transmissions do not.) Maybe the Opel bell could be mated to the newer transmission and the new torque converter bolted-up to the Opel flywheel?

Someone want to spring for a $1400 Catera transmission for me to play with and give it a shot? While you're at it, how about the whole drivetrain? An Opel V-6 an OD trans. in my Kadett sure would be cool........
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