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OD Auto Trans

Opels used the Aisin-Warner 4-speed auto trans (the similar one was also used in Volvos) for some years in the 1980's then changed to a GM trans which looks like it was based upon the TH200-R4. The flexplate from the earlier version can be used to mount the Aisin-Warner torque convertor to the Opel crankshaft so that Volvo (or Isuzu and Toyota who also used that similar Aisin-Warner family of auto trans) can be adapted.

As for the detent (kick-down) cable the original TH180 already runs one so the auto throttle setup on a GT has provision for it. The Aisin-Warners also use a detent cable and have electrically opertated ODs - no computer just a switch on the shift lever or dashboard.

I have not checked if the later GM trans used in Opels after about 1983/84 allows the same sort of adaption of GM torque convertors.

A search for 'Aisin-Warner' turns up several earlier threads.
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