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what about a volvo 240 auto overdrive tranny?

These are everywhere and cheap...dont know if it would work or not....anyone? I'd love to get overdrive into my Sportwagon with the broken leg clutching gets painful after few hours...I want that mpg I'm driving it everyday...

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ok ive read other threads on this here is list of all vehicles with th180 or th180c

3L30 - 3 SPEED - 69-Up
Buick Opel 77-87
Chevette 77-87
GEO Tracker 90-Up
Pontiac T-1000 77-87
Jaguar XJS, XJ12 80-92
Holden - Australia
Ranger - S. Africa
Post Office Vehicles LLV - 87-Up
Fiat Some
Peugeot 604 77-87
Straussburg - Germany
Vauzhaul - Many
Zimmer Motor Home
Suzuki Sidekick
4L30E - 4 SPEED - 90-Up
Cadillac Catera 3.0L
Isuzu Amigo
Pickups, Rodeo 91-98
Trooper 90-98
Trooper II
BMW 325i, 318i, 323i, 328i,
525i, 528i, Z3 Roadster 91-Up
Honda Passport 94-Up
Acura SLX 98-98
NOTE: Some Isuzu
models (88-90) use
Toyota A43 Series
WHAT WHOULD I HAVE TO DO TO INSTALL IN ASCONA? IM GUESSING CHANGE BELLHOUSING AND USE CHEVETTE DRIVESHAFT ECT? ILL PROB BUY A DONAR CAR BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE CHEVETTE MOTOR AND ALSO MY REAREND HAS Pretty GOOD MURMOR WHEN U LET OFF THE GAS is it possible to use the chevette rear axle in my car? im just thinking ahead prob not going to do this soon... oh sorry about the caps lol..http://www.amtrans.nl/180-_180C.pdf also here is great pdf on th180c

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So this is why I want a Chevette donor...I can take speed sensors etc. and use them..I am not intimidated by that in the least,, I'm sure I can make it work ..it worked in the Chevette...Hell I could swap whole drivetrain into my Ascona and use the other engine for spare for the 74....I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried this....

Looks like it's just a TH180 with a lockup in the Chevette all you need to control that is a button locked or unlocked...no computer only the later ones were electronic..Geo Tracker etc...

I want my 30 mpg
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