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Just got this from the Classic Opels listserv. You 6 banger owners may like this.

Hello all,

I was searching for a few parts in my garage and came across my 6 cylinder CIH valve cover gaskets. I have one rubber and three cork gaskets. These would fit Commodore, Kapitan, Admiral, Bitter, Senator, Monza etc. engines.

Let me know if you want one or all ... $5/each for cork and $10 for the rubber one. Free shipping if you take them all ($25). These are NOS from Germany. I have no need for them but dragged them across the pond in my luggage.

I am headed to Germany soon so I would prefer to handle payment by PayPal to get them in the mail asap. Can someone please post this on opelgt.com?


Marcus can be e-mailed at schaper(at)wam.umd.edu
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