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68- 75 opels eligible for nhra stock and super stock

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tonight i stumble upon this when i was looking for engine blueprints
so if anyone was curious if they could take their opel into drag competition well you can
heres the linkhttp://www.nhra.com/tech_specs/classification/index.html
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i found that my index is 23.15 to dial in for stock with my gt. at my last trip to the track I ran mid 25 on fri mid 24 on sat and a 23.67 on sunday. So we have our goal and are out to hit it next weekend at Brainerd MN. We are hopeing to get there so next year I will run her in stock. We made it through tech with only a few adjustments. The head of tech thinks it is great to run her stock I will have a few of the big boys red lighting for that 10 sec wait will get to them.lol.
You can run as much as 0.5 sec under the index. Go any faster and they'll change the index. Lots of your competition will be under their index. A car leaving 10 seconds ahead is very nerve-racking. But the experienced guys are used to it. I think running stock cars is great. It keeps the cost down. But in a GT you may want to bring something to do as watch the rearview mirror. Have fun. :)
nhra racing

We have been checking a lot on the index and all, our big problem is the solex carb she is so touchy. We have two that we are rebuilding and hoping one will run consistant. I thought of taking up knitting as I go down the track. LOL :D
But find it gives me a lot of time to think of what I need to do with little one. We have two other opel gts in our race team both run super gas. The boys want to ship little one to ca to be caged and set up for super gas but she will forever be the little one. It is fun at night when everyone is out and about looking at the cars and they like seeing a real opel gt for so many have gone on to bigger things. I hope to have some pic to put on in a few weeks of all are opels at Brainerd. As a joke they put my grandsons tee shirt on my back plate so I have laundry too. :p They do like to pick on my little one but they enjoy having her around.
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