I want to sell my '69 GT to a new owner that appreciates and understands the history and heritage of this brand and car (basically another enthusiast). I've had the car for 5 years now and brought it back to life after it sat for 10 years. I am the second owner. The following is a list of what I've done to the car and what if feel still needs to done:
Work done: 1) restored the gas tank 2) all new fuel lines 3) new fuel pump 4) new fuel filters - one install near the tank the other near the carb 5) new Weber carb with electric choke 6) new distributor 7) new plugs and wires 8) new water pump 9) restored radiator and had a drain caulk valve installed to drain it without removing the hoses 10) new radiator hoses 11) valves have been adjusted 12) new gasket kit on top end and bottom end of motor 13) new clutch 14) replaced and re-did the gaskets at the transmission and rear-end 15) new sending unit in fuel tank 16) new side markers
Work that still needs to be done:(this is work I had on my winter list) 1) removed dash and clean up wiring 2) the radio doesn't work 3) adjust the heater controls 4) restore the heater core if needed 5) inspect headlight wiring replace if needed 6) new speedometer cable - it just broke a few weeks ago 7) headlight lever works but need to be replaced

I'd say this car is 80% there for being restored. It still leaks a little fluid but not bad. I try to drive it 3-4 times a month. The interior is in good shape. The paint is not original (silver was the original color). The paint was done by the original owner and it's in good condition with a few touch up areas needed. This car is basically rust free and the original owner did have an under coating installed. I have all the receipts from the original owner and the work I've done plus a few shop manuals. The parts have come from Opel GT Source and most of the work has been done by a professional mechanic or me here in Missoula. The car has 67.650 miles when the speedo broke. I would add another 50 miles on to that number. It runs great and super fun to drive. It's pretty much a stock condition except for the paint.