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i think i have the crazy thing sorted out, not 100% sure on all of them though. this is the only '69 wiring diagram i've been able to find on the internet, but on the diagram, the parts only have numbers and not names, so all its done is confused me. so i was bored today, sat down and figured out which number is which part


1) front turn signal
2) headlight
3) fog light
4) horn
5) headlight dimmer relay
6) bucket ajar switch
7) headlight relay switch
8) alternator
9) voltage regulator
10) battery
11) thermostat
12) oil pressure sending unit
13) starter motor
14) ignition coil
15) distributor
16) headlight indicator switch
17) headlight relay
18) door open switch
19) fuse panel
20) brake light switch
21) windshield washer
22) wiper motor
23) blower motor
24) switches (blower, rear window defogger, windshield wiper)
25) switches (parking lights, rheostat
26) Hazard warning flasher, brake system warning light
27) Hazard warning flasher indicator light
28) Brake system warning light
29) headlight indicator switch
30) flasher
31) rear window defogger relay
32) rear window defogger indicator light
33) ignition switch
34) brake failure warning switch
35) radio
36) clock
37) dash illumination light
38) temp/fuel gauge
39) oil pressure gauge
40) ammeter gauge
41) right turn signal indicator light
42) high beam indicator light
43) brake failure warning light/parking brake light (on later models)
44) headlight bucket ajar light
45) left turn signal indicator light
46) tachtometer
47) turn signal switch
48) horn button
49) rear window defogger
50) Selector level indicator
51) reverse light switch (automatic trans.)
52) reverse light switch (4 speed trans.)
53) fuel tank sending unit
54) dome light
55) rear corner light
56) rear turn signal
57) rear stop light
58) licence plate light
59) reverse light

one thing i noticed, fuse #4 is always +12V. that will help anyone whos putting in an aftermarket cd player so you can keep radio station presets and the time when you turn the car off :cool:

i know this will be helping me ALOT in the near future, everything thats different about the 69's wiring from the other years has something wrong with it on my car and other diagrams don't help at all, i'm sure i'm not the only one with those problems so i thought i'd post it up

maybe if i'm bored again some other day i'll make it colour so its easier to read...

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26 Hazard warning flasher, brake system warning light
27 Hazard warning flasher indicator light
28 Brake system warning light

50 Selector level indicator

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damn, all that effort for nothing... oh well, it was a good way to waste some time and i think i figured out a couple things that are wrong with my wiring

is there a colour 69/70 wiring diagram out there? or can i use that as an excuse to waste a few hours sometime?
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