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Howdy, folks! Been a while since I hae had a chance to even stop by any of the Opel Communities, I must say that this one is looking better than ever :)

I have a bit of a situation... my ol' 70 GT that I stripped down a few years ago needs to go. I've separated from my then girlfriend in Shreveport, Louisiana (Arklatex area), and have since moved back down to New Orleans around the first of the year. I've been trying to get someone to go get the poor car out of the drieway/yard/storage unit for about 2 weeks now with no luck locally. If anyone out there would be interested in going to haul it away, I can provide you the clean title and all the bits and pieces of the car that can be scraped together.

Now... this car is COMPLETELY disassembled. The only thing still bolted to the body is the hood. The doors and glass are all in a storage unit, along with most of the interior/lights/etc. The rear axle is in the back yard with the torgue tube bolted to it. The front suspension is also in pieces in a storage unit. There are some goodies in till (poly bushings/spring mounts - new Painless Wiring Harness --not anything like oem--)... and I was planning on a Legere 2.4 build up, so there are some 305 pistons and a full gasket set about... but the truth is that one of the idiot dogs we had living in the yard spilled my parts container on more than one occasion, and a bunch of bolts and small incicentals are likely to be missing. So it's a project for sure.

The body has some rust and bondo, though I picked up a bit of sheet metal (front fender lips and rear panel) off ebay over the years that might help to offset that. Truth is that it isn't a great prize, but if you have a trailer and aren't too far from Shreveport, it might be a worthwhile freebie.

I'll try to keep my eyes open here in case someone is interested, or feel free to email me at work ([email protected]) or home (use [email protected] please). I -REALLY- need to try and arrange something in the next two weeks. The sooner the better.

Hopefully once I get out of school I can look for another Opel, but right now I have about all I can handle on my plate (full time job, full time school, moving, etc!).

Happy Opeling!
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