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On this site's Parts Wanted, someone posted a request for an Automatic Transmission and a reply offerred this link:

Can this transmission (or one like it) be used to convert my '70 Opel GT (1.9L) from Manual to automatic? Wjhat addional parts would I need? For example, I do not see a shifter on the transmission above - what parts would I need to complete the setup?

Thanks in Advance!

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All info. for this swap is found in the search box at the top. Put in what you want to look up and just like magic it may come up.

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You will need:
An auto tranny from a GT with torque converter, flex plate, and spacer washer, plus the fill tube.
A tranny mount crossmember and rubber mount from a GT.
A driveshaft from an auto tranny GT and the spring inside it
The T-handle gear selector and plastic cover, plus the linkage rod running from it to the tranny. It's hard to find a good gear selector cover with intact lettering and brushes, I make my own.
Kickdown cable for on demand downshifts and the bracket for it on the driver's side shock tower
A GT auto tranny configured radiator or a separate tranny cooler and coolant lines. I suggest using braided flexible rubber lines, AN fittings, and an aftermarket tranny cooler with a fan, which usually can be bought as a kit.

I'm the biggest cheerleader of doing this swap, most guys go the other direction and remove the auto for a 4sp. I've done it to 4 GT's. You will want to install new front and rear main seals and pan gasket and a new kickdown cable, plus maybe a new o-ring for the fill tube and rubber tranny mount. Once you have done that you will have an indestructible tranny that will outlive you and the car and will never need maintenance. Clean it up and paint everything silver.

Do Not Over Pay for this mod. Opels Unlimited will radically overcharge you for the parts above. It's best to find someone who has a junk auto GT and strip all the parts you need from a complete car. In many cases you can find someone who will GIVE you all the parts you need. Contact me in a "Conversation" message if you need help.

This is the auto tranny I just fixed up to put in my new project car:



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