1971 project in almost rust free condition.

I am moving to Uruguay and of all the countries I could have picked this one does not allow individuals to import cars. Any cars.

I have been disassembling the car over the last six months or so.with the intention of doing a rotisserie restoration, and it was my intention to keep working on the car until shipping day, and then crate it up for the move in whatever state of restore it was at. Well that plan went out the window.

The car is still on rolling suspension but the motor has been dropped and the interior has been stripped out (with care).
The wiring harness has been removed, mostly intact, but crumbly. The fuse panel connections are all sound. Although typically, the fuze panel itself is not.
I have a bunch of new parts from OGTS and plenty of wiring goodies.

The car was running well when I parked it in August. Good compression, according to the mechanic who went over the car when I first received it. The metal bits are all in great shape. not true for the rubber, electrical and some of the interior materials.

This is a really good example and a fantastic opportunity.