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72 GT for sale

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the 72 gt is the 1.9L 4 spd, it has the body kit from OGTS, new paint, weber carb, have the carpet kit and headliner for it, have floorboards for it, passenger fender cuz it must have been hit and the headlight dont fit exactly right so i got the fender to make sure it would fit next time, seats redone, have a complete front crossmember for it cuz i didnt know if that got damaged or not has a slight pull to the right, new window rubber, radiator, door seals. i have well over 9K invested in the car, and know im never getting that close to it out of it. im starting the price at 5 for it, just make an offer and we can go from there. PS the passenger side headlight is installed now, that is an older pic, the car is located in Ohio.

it is also a must that i sell this one really soon.
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price is now lowered to 3800
well hopefully u become employed soon
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