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Yep, as adequately discussed, they are completely interchangeable. And the '73 suspension clip will have the improved lower control arm bushing design. In late '71 or early '72, Opel decided to remedy (or at least improve) the tendency of the GT's front suspension to "shimmy". This was a design flaw in the Kadett "B", which of course, was carried over directly to the GT (identical front suspensions, unlike the Manta/1900/Ascona).

Opel reduced the"compliance" (flexibility) of the lower control arms (often called "A" arms) by increasing the thickness of the inner steel sleeve, thereby reducing the thickness of the rubber bushing. This makes them "wriggle" less, if the tires are a bit out of balance or the road induces some harmonics.

The reason I bring this up is that you will want to ensure that you re-build the '73 front suspension with the later design bushings that fit the thicker inner sleeves. You can still get the OEM rubber bushings, where the inner and outer steel sleeves are adhered (vulcanized) to the the rubber bushing, in either the older (thin inner sleeve) or the newer design. That requires you to change out the entire bushing, which is quite a difficult task, and you still have a rather archaic suspension design. I recommend that you replace the old rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings, which utilize the original inner and outer metal sleeves. Which is why you need to buy the correct poly bushing, since they come with either a smaller hole (thin inner sleeve) or the bigger hole (thick inner sleeve). They are also available from OGTS in either soft (which is not so soft, and my choice) or hard (for more spirited driving, but a harsher feel).

I moved this thread to the "Suspension" heading. Have a look around, and do a search. There are several excellent threads on the topic of rebuilding the GT front suspension (and I might even have contributed to a few myself).

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