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Hi guys.

Do you know if it is possible to keep the 4 point clutch plate for a 6 point pressure plate. ?
And do any of you know if this clutch plate is good for the setup.

I am running a 2.0 cih with a setup that is good for 7-8000 rpm and 175 hp.
I have a machined 6 point flywheel and a new clutch for a 4 point from Sachs. And are going to buy the pressure plate (and clutch plate if needed) to have it all balanced and installed.
What I found was that risse motorsport sells 2 different clutches for 4/6 point setup, but is there really any difference? See the link - https://risse-motorsport.de/opel-youngtimer/motor-tuning/cih-474/clutches/

Thanks :)

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