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A few "kind of" general questions..

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Well..as most of you know..I am putting the ol' GT back together finally and as everyone else does, I'm running into a few little problems. I will list them and you can answer as little or as many as you would like..

1. I really need to know the best way to re-do your door latches (the ones that go onto the actually car, not the door) Paint black? Re-chrome? Or just polish them out somewhat to make them look cleaner. Maybe I could see some pictures of the different ways that people have done them, expecially chromed..thats what I'm leaning toward at the moment. If anyone has any extra sets of them in real good looking shape, at a decent price, maybe I could buy them off you. Mine look like crap..and I need to do something with them because their not going back on my car the way they came off.

2. I know of older models, like 69-70 or 71..they had the fixed windows in the back, and most people, including me, think they have more of a clean look compared to the pop-out windows and the newer model. So back to the question.. If I have the pop-out windows, and a 73' model, is it possible to change your windows into fixed? I know this would require a new seal, new chrome trim, and so on, put could you use the parts from the older window, and still use the same glass? The only reason I ask this is because I'm putting an extra like 80 bucks or so in spray on tint (the good stuff) and I dont want to have to buy new, and re-tint windows if I ever deciede to put in the fixed windows.. I hope this is explained enough!

Another question about the door latches..or actually chroming in general, I am undecieded whether to chrome or paint some other stuff. The main thing like I said is the door latches, but another thing is the grate and like cover thing that go over the windsheild wiper motor..like right in front of the engine compartment. Anyone ever chromed them? I would like to but I'm not sure. I kinda want to go with a certain scheme..and chrome really goes great with the blue I chose. My rims are chrome, and I'm probably doing the bumpers in chrome..so I would like to do some other stuff too, just to go with the theme.

Sorry this is so long, but I have a lot of decisions to make while finishing my car. Any other questions I come up with, I will ask..but for now, thanks!
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i would just polish up the door latches, anything else is susceptable to chipping.

you easily go to fixed quarter windows. you'll need the right seal as you said and the right trim as you had said. unless you want 3 buttons in your windows, use fixed glass too. i have the glas and trim if you dont have any on your part cars. be sure to seal up the screw holes from the pop out trim if you go to fixed windows.
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