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A GT Winner!

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congrates to soybean for getting a show trophy for that pretty little GT! It's nice to see after things like tractors winning over a GT (or others) in a sportscar line!
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Thank you. We came in 2nd place to a 65 Cobra Kit car. I don't think we should have been classed the same, but for a daily driver, I can't complain. Thanks also to Roy Bell who sold us a running, restoreable Gt to work with. With it and 150+- hours of going from one end to the other we are streetable. We still have a lot to do when we put it in the shop for the winter. I have KYB gas shocks on the shelf,Pertronix ignition, Alternator conversion ready to be installed. Then on to a complete front end rebuild. It just never seems to end, and our "Wish List" is long. Our other 2 Gts and Manta are going to need quite a bit of work to get on the road again, so this one is a good starting point. Jarrell Young
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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