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A perfect evening ride

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Just got home from a perfect evening cruise in the GT. Beautiful clear autumn night. For some reason the GT seemed to have more "get up and go" tonight. Maybe it was the cool dense evening air, the fact I was running the bottom 1/3 of the gas tank (less weight), the fact I've lost 35 pounds (less weight), the new Magnecor wire set...or a combination of all of them, but man the GT was just flying tonight. A pretty fall crescent moon in the evening sky and period correct 1975 Electric Light Orchestra from my past blasting on the CD player...a GT moment for sure. Laughing out loud while letting the back end break loose and drift around turns. 3rd gear acceleration runs from 3500 to 5000 rpm were just awesome! Everything just played right tonight. It was only an hour of driving but I think I'll remember it for the rest of my life. Just love my GT.
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perfect here in kc too...

tonight I worked late in a small town,40 miles round trip...

best thing about the job is the drive down curvey "kunt-ree"
roads...I gave celeste a treat ... 91 octane....she was running so good on the cool fall air....I went to 5,300 rpms without complaint..in first and second...I was racing people who didnt know" i "was racing.

anyway..I now have a keyless ignition and I love it!..i dont
think I will bother with sending my broken electrical switch to OGTS for a rebuild...I know my switches are a bit messy...this is a prototype..functionally I like the location..I do not use a key at all,
I left the key switch in the run position so the wheel wouldn't lock.

the start and stut down is real clean and fast off theses radio shack switches.


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I know the feeling of that "Perfect Evening Ride". My perfect ride involves a bad day or week at work, pulling the cover off the GT, idling in the driveway for a short while (I call it "enjoying the moment", others know that I'm "waiting for the engine to warm up so I don't stall"). Then I'm under way. My cruise/road test route involves about 10 miles of winding coastal road that follows the shore for most of the trip. There are a couple of spots that wind and twist just right, with the problem that there are stunning views that are horribly distracting in my attempt to hold the line. On a clear day in the summer, the islands look close enough to swim to, and some of the sailboats and fishing boats seem to wander across the sound, as aimlessly as I drive. When I come to the end of the eastern shoreline, I can either start up the western shore, wind it out on the highway, head through the center of town or stop at the gas station and try to fix what I just broke (rare, but has happened). I normally hit the highway, and roll for a few more miles in the 4000 rpm range, for the old Italian Tune-up. Eventually I head home, sad that I have traveled so far and yet still unable to get away.

I've made the same drive in my Dad's '65 Buick Wildcat, and it's just not the same. That car is outright frightening in comparison to the GT on those roads. Half the time I spend trying to not wipe out mailboxes, and the other half is pumping the brakes to keep the drums from fading away. The Wildcat is best for cruising Main Street, and tearing Boy Racers apart at the red lights. Although the two of us cruising together is probably one of the most attention getting things that I have ever done in my entire life. Mostly because our two cars are very unique and 30+ years old. But also because our two cars are such a stark contrast to each other. Black vs. White, tiny vs. freakin huge, lithe and nimble vs. plodding and bravado.

Now if I could only finish all those upgrades...
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Are you talking about Route 1A which rides the coast up to Kittery Maine? That is a great ride to relieve stress. I used to cruise up there in the late 80's when I was sent up there on business. I couldn't bring my GT, but instead I had to use a rental car:(
My route mostly stays within Falmouth on Cape Cod, taking in Vineyard Sound and Buzzard's Bay. I have made the trip to Kittery, and the Yorks and that is equally stunning. But not yet in the GT

Someday, once I get more of the electrical gremlins worked out, I would like to make the trip to Kennebunk, and the Yorks to visit some friends...
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