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Well I hate to do it, but the time has come for me to sell my Opel's. I've had priorities change quite a bit in the last few months, and basically it comes down to not having the time to work on them and needing the money.

So up for grabs, are my 2 opels, the one is stripped down to just having the front and rear axels under it, the body is in fairly good condition. the usual rust under the driver's side and a little around the wheel wells. But it's all very fixable. The engine for it ran good when it was taken out, it's currently in about 3 pieces in a tub, also it was an automatic transmission. The electrical was shot on it, so that's all been torn out, instruments are all still in one piece, dash is cracked though. Headlights had a frozen cable. Glass has been removed and is all in crack free condition, and it had solid quarter windows.

The other one isn't in such good shape, it had a little rear ending accident, so it's a bit crunched on the rear, the front fenders are in good shape and could be used where needed, the driver's floor board is non existant. All glass is good except the windshield, I think it also had a defrost rear window, but the traces are all shot, it also had opening quarter windows. I believe the last guy redid the electrical, but most of it has been removed. I have no idea what the condition of the motor is. I haven't tried to turn it over, it's pretty gunky and looks like it leaked quite a bit of oil if that's any indication. Also this was a stick transmission. The engine is still bolted in. The only slight problem is it would be a lost title for this car, it was given to me and the guy had no idea where the title was, it had been sitting in his yard for about 12 years.

Both cars have been under a storage shed since I've had them, they've gotten damp, but haven't had any real direct rain.

Taking offers, I'd like to get at least $1000 for the first one, I'm tempted to just ask $1200 for the both of them just so I can get them moved. They're currently located about 20 minutes west of Port Angeles, Washington. Something could be worked out for local delivery, but any further than that you'll have to work something out, the best way would be a trailer, but you could use a car dolly on either of them.

Please contact me at: [email protected], or on MSN at: [email protected]

Hope to hear from someone soon,

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how true! I've been almost ran off the road by people just so they could ask me " what's that thing your drivin'?" I nearly ditched it one day due to some guy pulling out in front of me just to stop me so he could take a peek-see....Didn't know whether to take the opportunity to show off my pride and joy or slap him around some!!!! Police around here still rubberneck when I pass by....:cool:
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