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Well I'm not done with my current GT project, but one of my friends HAS to do something with my parts car. For my autoshop class, we have to rebuild an engine. Well the parts car engine is seized up, so I figure we could rebuild that engine for our grade. The second part to it is that since the car is in such bad shape, and Its not really worth anything, we are going to build a Dune Buggy from it. Its not going to be anything fancy, just something to have fun with. Well anyway, the engine that I am rebuilding had a couple grand put into it like 5 or so years ago but I have no idea what they did. They could have just rebuilt it, or put performance parts into it. I know it did have a 7-blade fan, and an Offenhauser valve cover, but thats all that I see. Also, It has no VIN number or tag in the door, or windows or anything, so how can I figure out what year it is? I want to know if it has the low or high compression motor in it. Also, when taking the engine apart what should I look for when seeing what kind of after-market parts are in it? The engine was seized, thats all I know..what should I look for in repairing that? I'm new to engine rebuilding, so I'm sure I'll have some questions.

Thanks in Advance

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For a seized motor, this is what I would try:
1) "pop" out the engine
2) remove the spark plugs and fill the cylinders with Marvel Mistery (sp) oil
3) let it sit for 2 to 4 days
4) remove the flywheel and install 3 bolts, 1 inch longer than stock
5) check oil in cylinders, add more if needed, but just 1/8 inch over the piston tops. remove some if its too high.
6) with a stout bar between 2 of the bolts, start trying to rock the crank
7) if no-go, put a heat lamp on both sides of the block to cause expansion (about 2 hours ought to do it).
8) repeat step 6

I have yet to have this fail me, unless you count the time a wrist pin had decided to have s-e-x with the cyl. wall :rolleyes:
Some people get impatient and start banging this and parts replacement on this engine are high.
Just my 2c's

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It'd be interesting to see a pic of that Offenhauser cover.

The easiest way to find out if there are aftermarket parts is to pull 'em out and measure them up. Except the cam, that is easiest to measure while it is still in the head. You need a set of cam gauges and a cam wheel. Your school's shop should have these and should be able to show you how to use them.
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