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Allison electric ignition

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First of all, I’m new ad this forum and I apologize for any mistakes in my English writing, but I’ll try :D

I’m planning to buy an Allison electric ignition kit, has anyone experience with this kit? (good-bad...)
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Allison ignition was bought by Crane Cams some years ago. But they are basically the same units.

There is the Crane XR-700 which replaces the points and is a stronger than the original ignition. For this you must retain the original resistor wire to the ignition.

Then there is the XR-3000 which uses the same trigger as the XR-700, but it is a stronger ignition system. This unit should have straight 12V power fed to it (no resistor) in order to get the best spark energy. It works quite well for high performance and racing engines. I've used this system a lot with a Crane PS91 coil for road use, or a PS92 coil for racing use. Don't use the PS92 coil for road use! It will overheat at idle/tickover speeds.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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