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Alternator Belt Tension/tool

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Am doing some work on another vehicle and need to set the correct tension for the fan belt. This would also probably apply to me ol' GT as well me thinks. Is the belt tension that critical? Am thinking that too much would cause undue strain on components. Am I correct on this?

Also, anyone know who makes a tension guage that doesn't cost a gazillion dollars? FYI the guys at several shops just said rule of thumb is no more than 1/2 inch deflection.

Thanks for any info.
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a 1/2 " deflection is right and if you do anything with a cam belt you should just be able to twist it 90 * at the longest run on the belt between 2 pullys
tool and cam belts

1/2 deflection is usually ok, if not it will slip or make noise. Some A/C belts need to be a little tighter due to the load of the compressor. As for cam belts, I would always follow the factory procedures. Many engines require very specific procedures for belt tension. And a 4-cam mitsubishi v6 can take your finger right off if you are not using cam lock tools. Not too mention on an interference having a belt a little off can bend valves,ouch. Gates used to make belt tension tools called the crickit. They had one for serpentine belts(much higher tension) and one for v-belts. I have both, they sit in the back of my toolbox and never get used.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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