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Graham said:
I am putting this out as a separate thread because it might get hidden at the end of my other threads.
Sorry Graham, but I am trying to have the threads MORE complete, rather than more split up, when they are related, and these are related. So I merged the threads (which I had done with the earlier ones). But thanks for using the correct forum.

As for wiring concerns, the bigger alternator only increases the number of amps it puts out when required to, NOT the draw. If the load is the same, the bigger alternator will simply do a better job at keeping up the voltage. In fact, I think if the battery voltage is kept at 14 volts by the higher output alternator rather than allowing it to be drawn down to a lower value (say 12 volts), the same "load" at the higher voltage will result in a lower amperage draw. And "amps" are what heats the wires, not voltage.

As for fuses (or circuit breakers), the standard ones are still a good idea. The most important one to add is a 40 Amp for the headlights circuits, which are otherwise "protected" (barely or not at all) by the main fusible link.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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