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Detroit,where my home was
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:sigh: Can't look at the video :no:

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Norbert, Thanks for sharing that. It brings back memories of reading 'Rod & Custom' type magazines in the '50s & 60s.
I met Gene briefly at a custom car event at the Oakland ( CA ) Museum sometime in the '90s. He was a celebrity host
and the museum included cars he had built and / or painted on display. The original yellow 32 Ford from American Graffiti
movie was on exhibit also. If I took any pictures they are Kodachrome, now stored in trays or original boxes, unseen for years.

I worked in a body shop in Antioch CA and my GT was a daily commuter, about 40 mile RT. There was another body shop
nearby where a GT was often parked. So I stopped one day and found the guy who owned it. They built custom cars there
and Gene Winfield had painted some of them in that shop during that time.

So my claim to fame is that I worked in a shop really close to where Gene Winfield painted at the same time.
......And that there was a Running Opel GT at both shops !
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Wow Roy
You be a lucky guy.Gene Winfield build so many things, special effects and such great Dreams on wheels.
Today I look alot of video stuff from all what he done.Amazing absolute all the parts for Star Treck Space ships:cool:
For me he is the King of custom art now.Didn`t know before.

Ha ha
And he build also electric hoods,roofs and doors on cars in a era nobody know of that mods.
Jose must have saw also the videos:haha:
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