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An Opel!?!? Where?

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I have to relate this to y'all. My vacation last week was screwed over by Hurricane Dennis, in that I was going to spend a week basking in the sun on an island 5 miles out in the Gulf. Well, I had to switch plans and I took the wife and kids up to Gatlinburg, Pidgeon Forge, and Sieverville TN. The first night there in Gatlinburg we went to eat at one of the local joints, a place called Calhoun's. Known for their BBQ and ribs. We were seated by a real nice gal who happened to notice my Opel hat I had on. She looked excited and asked if I indeed had an Opel, I said yes, several in fact. She asked how did I get them in this country? I was taken aback, but replied that they were available through dealership that no longer carry them. She was astonished. She explained that she had just gotten back from South Africa for doing a "exchange student" semester for college and she had seen Opels all over the place and that me walking in with an Opel hat had surprized her that there was any in the US. I explained to her about the various models and what we got imported and she was surprized and amazed at what was actually here.
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My Father owns 5 Opels, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 (I am pretty sure those years, could be 68 instead of 72) any ways. The first one was the 70, a wedding present to my Mother and Father, I can't really remember this one being driven all that much. The 69 was next, oh the memories of that car, driving on dads lap to go to the store (we lived in a small town Fredrick Colorado) it was used as a snowmobile jump in NH, (Dad was pissed)... Any ways, I found and Joined this site last week, because of how much help I could give/receive, but I found a good deal on a 1972 GT right here in denver. I called the seller up... long story short had Dad pay 3,000 for the car and parts before he even looked at the her. Body is in good shape, and she only has 50,000 original miles. I had him get it for me, but after the short test drive home, He wants to keep it for himself :( :eek: :(. So on sat after we buy the 72 (our 6th in the family) We get home and I change the oil in the 73 (my daily driver, still dad's though). My 3 or 4 year old nephew wanted to help but I told him he couldn't. I go back on sun to change the oil on the new 72, and tell Alex (nephew) he could help. He got under the car and watched in awe as we changed the oil. After all was done he was so happy to have worked on "Grandad's and Uncle Joe's cool new car" (I swear that it what he said word for word) I wanted to run the oil through the engine just to double check a nock we herd when we bought it, so I grabbed Alex, sat him on my lap like Dad used to do to me, and he drove us around the block.

It made my day to know that I have now passed on our families love/virus of Opels.
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