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And Yet another wheel /tire debate

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Ok. Opinions. I can't look at this stuff in person, only on the net, so I am going to trust your opinions and judgement.

You know how BMWs (323's) New models, look really cool when their wheels fill up the wheel well and the tire kind of goes up in there just a wee tad? Well, I think that is COOOL looking and want to do that with my GT. However, I dont know which size to get. 15 x7? 16 x 7.5? What size tire? What is too wide to be able to turn? I have 195/60 14 on the front now and thats as big as I can get. But what about in a 50 series?

What combinations have you all used that looks good? ANy pics?

Thanks for your opinions.

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I agree with u

first off i would like to say, i am just learning about the opel and its little subtlety. So the things i do might not always be the right thing, if u know what i mean, trial an error has been the experience so far. Learned most from this site, which is great.

I am under the impression that it would depend on your choice of suspension parts. meaning the springs. If u have stock springs, i think filling the wheel well would be impossible since the GT stands so high. if u lower the body with newer suspension then that should be very possible with almost any size rim, just need a little larger diameter tire than stock. There is a article with a lot of detail and sugesstions of tire size can be found in the blitz ad board.

I went with 17/7 rims and ultra low profile tire 205/40 w/a width of about 8" and diameter of 23.5". stock is 23.4 roughly so the odo meter wont be off. Will post a pic for comparison reasons. I am still working on the body. so u have to excuse the cool looking gray. I know drive ability/handling wont be like stock or even better, but it was a look that i wanted to go for. since 90% of my driving will be off the track and under 65mph. notice how i said 90%, i am sure as I get the motor built up, i will perform other driving techniques. :) then suspension/tire/wheel choice will need to change.

If interested i dealt with a gentlemen from TSW, Nigel I believe was his name, he has some experience with opels, so he is very familiar with our limits.

hope that helps.
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Thanks and I look forward to your pictures.
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