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Hey Folks you do not want to miss this years line up of cars for sale.

All last year we bought all the new rubber and reproduction parts the world had to offer in the end with 97 plus new products to offer for sale. Now with everything in stock in bulk all year long we know what people are after.

With the Spring and Summer events just around the corner, we are gearing up to have the most stock of all new parts available.

Shifting money from another complete aspect of our lives working at Opels Unlimited, we have now saved, in the last year or so, not only the 28 super nice condition, mostly original paint, Mantas, Asconas and Wagons in the big Nor Cal deal, which was a lot of fun, it even gave us the original 20's and 30's Buicks that were featured front row center at the last International Opel Festival in June. The next largest buy out was 10 Opel GT cars for $10,000 located in Rosamond, CA. This was another famous buy out. So all in all many great new cars and lots of new projects for everyone out there for sale.

We have a great shipping company that can drop cars right to your doorstep cross country for a really great price. We get our fair amount of calls throughout the year. Here is how it usually works. We are in Sunny Southern California so it is a given that we have some of the best rust free cars at all times. We typically ask about what year parameters and price range is, most of our cars start at just $1,000 and $1,500 on up. Cross Country shipping is typically $500 to $1,000 or so.

We are the best bet to get your reasonably priced, best condition, rust free cars, that you have been dreaming about for so long.

We realize we are off point here for a second, but this is our whole point, we are currently turning all complete cars and fun projects into new parts money to stock pile all of the great new parts that we have discovered worldwide.

Our storage bins have gone from just 3 or 4 to 12 to 48 to now over 100. Large 2 foot by 1 and a half foot bins completely filled with all brand new real German rubber factory, the best available worldwide as well as all factory new German rich hella brand lenses, no more reproductions or cheap stuff from Taiwan or Japan or USA.

Actually over 80% of our parts are the best quality from the best real crazy Germans that put their lives into their work. Overall available quality for every part new for GTs and all others has increased by some 50 to 80%.

Everyone has been very impressed all year long with the quality differences. We are so proud to be part of that, especially now that these cars are now becoming worth some serious money.

Now great cars are not just jumping $500 a year in value but more like $1,000 a year.

We have to laugh now, Todd is being poked that this is not a Weekly Wrap Up but a serious announcement to be awake and aware that we will be shaking loose about 20 fun cars for projects this Summer.

FYI that really great maroon red metallic car that was featured at the International Opel Festival last year just recently sold for $8.000 cash and headed it's way to Oklahoma. Delivered in perfect running condition for another $750. No longer available.

So far on eBay we have five cars very reasonably priced from this years special buy outs. They are listed cheaply under Parts Cars or Salvage cars since you can't currently start them and drive away. Don't get us wrong these are really decent cars. Many of them never got offered or shipped to the museum before.

Keep on watching, but at the same time, don't be afraid to ask for any and all of your dream cars. Any model. We have got some really great prices right now. 909-355-OPEL(6735).

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