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I am trying to decide on a rim for my GT but I cant figure out a size. I think I want 16x7 because I want something I can use somewhat of a low profile tire on, while still taking up most of the wheel well. The stock size has too much wheel well showing, plus I dont like that much rubber showin. Any idea's? Side and back pictures would be GREATLY appreciated! Please post the size of your tire/rim too...thanks!

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ask, and you shall receive

These are of my old GT with the Kadett's wheels. These are 16x7" rims and with the spacers and all, this is roughly 10mm offset in the front and 0mm offset in the rear, though they would have handled up to 28 or so without any rubbing issues. This is a stock height GT too, with 205/40-16's, and the tires could have been a bit bigger too. There are more pics in my album and in this thread:

I think these would be a great option in a 16" wheel for a GT, but they're too flashy for a Kadett I think:
or in Chrome:
For me, though, the tire/ wheel costs and the uncomfortable ride on the terrible roads here in NY would lead me to prefer these:
Those last two would look awesome on a GT, I think, and the price isn't bad at all, especially the last one in natural finish. All of the wheels I posted links to here should fit a GT just fine, in case you were worried.


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