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I just gave our family firework funds to the State of Oregon for title & tag fees on my '73 GT. I will now need to teach my 6year old son how to celebrate Independence Day w/matches and a can of moms hairspray.

While at DMV today, I tried to get some history on the car. I knew my dad bought it in '86 from used-dealer stock w/69K original. That transaction showed, but origin was "out of state".

Anyone know this car?
vin# OY07NC3094381

It is, always has been, orange. When stripping out the interior rear, I learned that it has been kicked in the ass in a prior life. Rear taillight panel, deck, & LR qtr skin(rear to drvr. door) have been replaced with OEM panels (black prime & factory part# stickers).

It used to have some better looking mags... but in highschool I had swapped them to Dad's '70 that was lowered... not knowing I'd end up with those unilugs some day! :(
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