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I haven't tried rebuilding a Weber, but my Solex had a sticking secondary, once it would open it wouldn't shut and you'd just rev until the engine would eat itself alive or you had to shut it off. I bought a rebuild kit from OGTS and gave it a crack. I'd never done a carb rebuild before and thought what's the worst I can do? End up with a broken Solex? It was already broken. I discovered a few things in the process. Mine was missing parts that were listed in the parts sheet that came with the rebuild kit. And the missing parts were not part of the kit. So I bought a cheap carb on eBay, stole the missing springs and screws, and voila, when reassembled the car ran fine. So I'd say buy a rebuild kit and give it a whirl. One thing I'd suggest is get a nice work bench and as you dissassemble the carb, lay all the parts out and label things. I had a nice neat row of screws and gaskets and stuff all in a nice row. Then when you reassemble you just put them back on in the reverse order. There are a lot of little screws and stuff in the carb and you don't want to mix them up. Good luck. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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