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Hello I'm a Dutch GT driver and in the middle of restoring a 1970 GT-AL. This GT has been sold new in the US and was returned to the continent in 1997 or 1998. The original colour was Orange (529) later it was painted Purple. While it was purple the GT probably was subject in a crash which added serious damage to the drivers side of the GT. The car was fixed with a green door and painted red with a black hood. It was shipped to holland with a blown up engine.
The last owner was Heather Anderson from Windsor CA
the licence plate on the car was 3NIK523 issued march 97

I'm just curious if you US GT freaks have some info on this GT as it became my dreamcar!

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Just doing a quick "Yahoo People search" turned up 257 "Heather Anderson" in the state of CA, if she (the actual previous owner of your GT) is still in the state of CA. You could narrow it down if you had a middle initual. Or you can write the state of CA DMV with the old tag number and along with a few bucks, get a full name and old address for where she and the car were at the time.

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Seen Your Car?

I've seen a couple of other GTs in the area. Windsor is close. I've seen a red one, but all I get is a glimpse as it goes by the other way (divided highway). I'll keep my eyes open for the black hood.
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