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anyone got a twin groove pully for A/C

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BQS4 said:
It seems I have run into a batch of Mantas. I have one parked in the driveway right now (74 Rallye, rust bucket, being stripped for parts) and another waiting for me out in west GA this weeked (another 74 Rallye, again a rust bucket, but, has great parts) and another 75 Manta in east GA I intend looking at this weekend (again, another rust bucket waiting to be stripped)
Still looking for twin pulley A/C crank pulley and right side (Manta/1900), aluminum A/C pump mount . . . :confused:
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So that's what this funny looking pulley is for... :confused:

Sure thing. My address

Paul Crane
4814 Mount Zion Rd
Greenwood, AR 72936

However, I fly to St Louis at 630am Monday and dont get back until Thursday night. So I might not get in the mail until Friday. Hope that's not a problem.

I didn't realize it but I actually had a later flight, so I did get your pulley in the mail. I have that lower radiator hose of which you speak. I have a spare alt bracket too. But I'm in St Loius until Thursday late.

I was under "Wen's" GT last weekend fixing a water leak and instecting a fuel leak at the fuel pump and noticed that the car still has the original double groove pulley. Obviously, he never removed it when he stripped the AC from the car. It, also, has the AC type lower radiator hose.

This car needs LOTS of replacements parts to fix it up... and I can't remove these AC specific parts without something to put back in their place ....
Something to consider if anyone was to trade for or purchase these items.
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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