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Hey Folks,

It's a little after midnight April 1st and we don't have a joke for you today, so relax. What we do have is another long successful week that finally got the Kenwood CD player, Amp Stereo, speakers and all, into Manny Wong's Concept Car. Opels Unlimited, thanks to Mike, Todd, Joey and the rest of the crew, finally finished all of the work on Manny Wong's famous GT. Another seat change was added and 16" all chrome MOMO tires were finally decided to go with the car permanently. You know we owe you guys a lot of pictures out here on OpelGT.com on many subjects. That seems to be one of the hardest things to keep going here. Along with our famous Fun Videos and camera recordings of shows and events, it would be nice to figure out how to add this to what we have to offer here on this site. Todd and Tammy will be no doubt asking Gary and Charles and other GT.com Gurus how to make this work more smoothly for us. Therefore giving you all the best benefits of moving pictures of that weekend.

Speaking of pictures, one of the big announcements for this week that Opels Unlimited has to offer is that we have purchased Axel and Isabel Knauf's Opel collection. Cornerstone special cars that were well remembered at every OMC Picnic. We are proud to have picked up this collection and NOS parts stash. So many brand new lenses as well as three really nice cars. All automatics, two with Air Conditioning, new modern day Air Conditioning, well modern everything actually from sway bars to big carbs to great paint jobs and even crack free dashes, yes crack free dashes and even A/C consoles. Real nice cars that will be for sale for a pretty penny as well as great pieces to occupy the current showroom/museum site at 3000 Date Street, Riverside, CA.

There is so much more we did accomplish this week but it's too late and we are too tired for now. There were two GT's and a Wagon in this collection. Here are five pictures of the Wagon. Hope you all enjoy. Have yourself a safe and Happy Opeling April Fools Day.


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