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Opel 1900 aka Ascona

What was called an "Opel 1900" in the U.S. was also referred to as an "Ascona" (the "A", or first version) in Europe. Or at least they were from 1970 to 1975 (although I believe they were only imported from 1971 to 1975). They have the same basic construction as the Opel Manta (which was a coupe version), and the same drivetrain as the Opel Kadett and Opel GT (from 1968 to 1973).

As for parts, most everything you can want is available, either NOS, reproduction, or used. There are a number of sources, most of which are listed on the home page under:

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but especially from Goin' Manta at:


There is also a pretty good Ascona site at:


As for what a reasonable price is, it is much like any other car. Just remember that they are 30 plus years old, and are NOT an exotic collector car. At least not from a price point of view. Although a few members here might dispute that statement. Prices are going to range from as little as few hundred dollars (for a fairly pathetic example) to as much as several, or even five to six $k. A 1975 Sportwagon is currently on ebay


and the bid is already $3500.

And of course for technical support, there is this site, as well as several other sites listed in the "Links" section of the home page.


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