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auto-manual conversion

I found a GT that I would love to own, but there is one problem, it's an auto! I was wondering if any of you had any idea how much a conversion would cost. Also if you could rate the difficulty of the job. I read about someone doing it once and thought that I would be capable. Just wanted some expert advice. Thanks.

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hey first off iff you get it and change it to a manual i will buy the auto from you for $75 plus shipping if you get it
i think i am the only one who likes autos i know their limits and i work on them everyday and personally i think they are better not for scca stuff but everything else yes

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In a Kadett it took about four hours and a little pre-planning to convert from auto to manual. Supposedly in a GT it is much easier.

You will need:
-clutch assembly
-clutch cable
-crankshaft pilot bearing
-clutch and brake pedals
-transmission cross-member
-center console
-and the wiring pig-tail for the manual transmission to activate the back-up lights.

If you can gather all the parts It should be as simple as removing one transmission and installing another, as all GT's have provisions for both transmissions. Expect that if you used all the parts from a donor car, including the clutch, and didn't put any new parts in, to spend probably $200 for all the parts.
If you get a new clutch and cable, rebuild the transmission, put new u-joints in the driveshaft, get a new replacement boot for the shifter and anything else to do the job only once to spend closer to $1200. Add another $500 or so to upgrade to a s-10 clutch and a getrag 5-speed instead.

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Hi. new to gt forum so bear with me, thinking about buying a 69 auto and woundered how difficult it will be to swap to a 5 speed box, and or 2.2 bottom end. mainly thinking about clutch pedel, master cylinder etc. Also were there any mods on later cars as standard?. thanks for your help , stewart:p Is there anyone fairly close to manchester that i can visit, as i am buying a GT from the heart not the head!. Cheers:p

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GT Autos

Think long and hard before you tear out that auto box as the auto option is in fact quite rare with lots more GTs having four-speeds originally.

The GT auto is a standard GM item; a TH180 model of the same type as used in the Rover SD1 behind a 3.5 litre V8 so they are strong enough to take a couple of hundred horse power with the V8 clutch packs installed.

Use a 2.2 or 2.4 CIH Opel motor and you would have a very nippy around town car which can be driven with BOTH hands on the LHD steering wheel with the pedal to the metal:D
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