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auto transmission rebuild

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I have two auto transmissions, both shot...except one has reverse...kinda. anyway, is there a rebuild kit available? if not, can most tranny shops repair one without costing a bunch?
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They are a standard GM Turbo-hydro TH180 also known as the "Tri-matic" or "Strasbourg" box. Millions have been made and widely used in GM small cars and even UK Rovers! Lots were used in Aussie Holdens and many of the transmissions were actually made in Australia.
auto trans kit

I rebuilt one of mine, I got the rebuild kit from a company here in Tucker, GA, just down the street from my warehouse. They're Trans-Star
5238 Royal Woods Pkwy.
Tucker, GA 30084
I told them I had a TH-180, not what it came out of, unless they ask, but, they sent me a kit.
There is an GM automatic on e-bay for sale and the owner doesnt know if it is for a GT or a Manta. It is item number 8012949761. Can anyone verify which car it fits? Thanks

Manta ...

A Manta or Kadett trans by the look of it. Shift lever onthe left side - GT ones are on the right side to give room for the headlight lever in the trans tunnel.


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Matt M240Z said:
There is an GM automatic on e-bay for sale and the owner doesnt know if it is for a GT or a Manta. It is item number 8012949761. Can anyone verify which car it fits? Thanks

It is for a Manta or Ascona. The GT has the shifter lever on the passenger side, it will work in a GT but you have to use a cable for shifter linkage due to the headlight lever.
That trans is for a Manta/Ascona/Kadett, the GT ones have the gear selector mounting on the passenger side. This one has the selector on the driver's sdie
How hard is it to swap the linkage to the other side if you have a GT auto tranny to swipe parts from? I have to do this next week.
Have any of yall ever adapted the manta automatic to a gt and do you have pics of the new shifter mechanism?
other side

The trannys are the same internally except for the 'manual' shaft. Unfortunately the cases are different, so even if you could get the other shaft, you'd have to modify the case quite a bit. It'd be cheaper to find another case or another tranny.
Does anyone have a th180 for an Opel GT for sale?
Does the standard th-180 rebuild kit include the black rubber gasket that mates between bell housing and transmission?
'o'-ring ??

Joe, Are you enquiring about the big 'o'-ring or the thin flat plate that goes between the bell-housing and trans body ??

The 'o'-ring should be in any quality full rebuild kit but the steel plate needs to be ordered separately. Holden plates and Opel ones are the same but check to see if you get the same one by comparing with your original as there are heaps of fluid passages pierced through it.
Yes, it is the o-ring I am talking about. Hopefully I can find a transmission shop that has it arond here. So far no luck. It would have to be ordered from them so I won't know if it includes the o-ring until after I buy it. (no refunds on special orders of course)
The o-ring you're talking about might be available at "TRANSTAR" which is here in GA. I got a auto rebuild kit from them years ago. Just ask for a TH-180 trans, don't mention Opel.

I should be able to find one of those here if that is all you want - about 1 million Holdens used that auto trans. I have a rebuild kit ... somewhere amoung my parts and they are very probably available new here. Let me know.
Thanks but I really wanted to reach my goal of putting in the trans and block this weekend. If it doesn't seem like I will reach my goal I may hit you up for it although several have already offered to help me out.
GT auto trans

I have a gt auto trans I am willing to sell PM me if anyone wants it
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