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Alright, this one is starting to perplex me.

ON my 74 Automatic manta,
I am leaking fluid on the passenger side of the tranny up above the pan.
After cleaning the area off and reinspecting, the source of the leak seams to be stemming from a crack in the Kick-Down Cable.

Can it be so??
And if so, how so with the car parked level and not running since I cleaned and reinspected.

I observed the inlet and outlet ports and they have not leaked, bu the cable is wet from the crack down and has even dripped to the ground again.


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As the kickdown cable works up and down, during use, the cable drags trans fluid up into the casing. When you stop the fluid drains back down and runs out the crack in the outer cable housing. This can be reduced by disconnecting the cable and sliding some electrical cable "shrink wrap" insulation down over it and warming this with a suitable hot air gun to shrink it tightly around the kickdown cable. A great range of colours - including black - is available. It is also good for covering electrical wiring.

Some of the GM TH-series autos also had a case pourosity problem and the hot auto trans fluid comes out through the case!

Hope this helps
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