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This morning, I went to the No Limit Motorsport Website, and behold they had KYB 4613 front shocks for $6.00

That was just too good a deal to pass-up, so I ordered them online. I then called and asked them to include the install kit to my bill, as they had it listed, but it couldn't be ordered online. When I was on the phone with the salesman, he said, "Whoa wait, these shocks shouldn't be $6.00," I told him that I had already ordered them for that price, and the mis-pricing of the shock is really not my concern. He proceded to tell me that he would keep my order for them, but it would be more like $75.00!

I felt I should let you all know that they misrepresented an item, sold the item, then tried to "up" the bill. Take it for what it's worth, I will not be doing business with them again.

No Limit Motorsports...Yeah Right. NO LIMIT to the BS they tried. And beware, even the current price is not the correct amount.
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