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Ok, so Im now in posession of a GT. There are good parts to this and bad.

Enging and trans seem perfect. Didnt beat on it but a trip around the block and few runs though the gears seemed to prove this. Has a weber installed it purrs at 750revs once warm. Ironically I know more about FI then carbs so this should be a fun learning experience.

Interior: very do-able. Dash has a tiny crack near the map tray. Headliner and carpet are easily replaced and installed. Seat and be refurbed or replaced.

Body: Upper Body is great no problems worth mentioning. Lower body=ugh. Belly Pan and lower half of rear panel need replacing. Floor pans need to be replaced. interior and exterior lower door frame panels need to be replaced. (you can see daylight :eek: ) . Rear fenders need light bondo work.

I know this will be wild speculation but what will something like this cost to repair? The private shop I am working with will let me do all the prep work to cut down on cost. I am wondering if this project is dead before it started? I am not looking for show quality I am just looking for a clean/respectable sunday driver. To save cost I am not even going to get new paint quoted just the body work.

Has any one else paid for some of these body repair and how much did it run? Specifically some of the key areas: Belly Pan replacement, Rear panel replacement, Floor and outer low door panel replacement. Let me know.

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Labour Cost!

Body parts and clips can be sourced in the US from other parts cars relatively inexpensively. Recently there was a rear panel on EBay for instance, that was not out-rageously priced. The killer is Labour if you don't do the job yourself. It is probably worth while looking at local Tech Colledge night classes in body shop! You may even be able to fiangle a whole new lucrative career. Most night classes let you work on your own car in the practical part of the course. Plus you get to use the gear and experise there.

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Floor pans

I have done extensive work on floor pans, inner rockers, etc. The cost is relatively low if you do the work your self. I can provide you with photos, a plan of action, etc. Leave me a message if you want any of the information.
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