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Are we talking a 1256cc OHV?
(I'm from Australia)

1. New cam (somewhere around 1800-5500 rpm /mild street) & shortened springs, plenty of lift added.
(My cam was 2200-5500)
2. Remove plenty from the head
3. Deck the block
You _will_ blow head gaskets initially.
BUT there is a knack to tightening a gasket though.
Found if you wait 15-20 minutes between each round of tightening I had no blown gaskets.

3. Replace the distributor.
4. Replace gearbox and differential
5. Exhaust has made no noticeable difference at all.
But I added the original headers and a resonator/silencer, aftermarket extractors were too noisy.

Scarily, I can clock the speedo over 160km/hr. , and the engine was still willing to go.

My poor old HB Torana (1256cc) kept up easily with an LC Torana (161ci) until it bent the crankshaft.

It was a very hot day 30'C and it was rev'ing somewhere around 4500, I shifted down and failed get her up enough in rpm. It still made the 30km trip into town for the tow.

Quite lucky, last time it failed the differential input shaft broke, the rear universal joint was nowhere to be found, exhaust and parts of floor pan cut through just after the drivers seat and the entire rear end of the gearbox was torn apart.

Currently manufacturing a new exhaust and inlet manifold to fit single point injection to the 1300cc beast.

A *slightly* modified 13b, auto with 4500 stall and a 4.3 diff will be arriving sometime in the near future to go into it.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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