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Better Clamps

Have you ever noticed how a worm drive clamp can cut into the hose, and how little bits of rubber will curl up thru the slots? I dont like to see this when I put a $50 hose on a customers car! I have switched to the constant tension, flat band type of clamp. No cutting of hose and you dont need to retighten. You do need to be careful, they can hurt you! I have about 3 different sets of tools to use on these clamps. If you take a look at a Mercedes or BMW clamp, they are worm drive but have rolled edges and no slots to cut hose, these also work well. Just my 2 bits on clamps.


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Hose Protection

For years I have used a couple of turns of rubber impregnated insulation tape under hose clips. It's what insulation tape was like before they lumbered us with the plastic muck. It was called "Denso" tape and I worked at a place that made miles of it so have a supply still:p

What ever is used the rubber hose does need protection and it looks more professional too. Before the cost accountants ruined the world radiator hose ends did have a layer of Denso Tape at each end - guess it's called progress.
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