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Never trust a PO when he tells you he did something on your car. My 69 GT needed a driver's side caliper rebuilt as the one I had on the car froze solid to the rotor. No problem. Got a rebuildable caliper and installed it myself. Couldn't get the brakes to work as I figured I got to much air in the system during the change over. Gerry N. came by this past Saturday to help me bleed the brakes. After one hour of trying to get the rears bled and not getting the rear brakes to work Gerry pulled one wheel. The PO said he redid the rear brakes complete, ie: he just put new shoes on. The drivers side WC was froze and not working at all. The PS side was completely shot, leaking fluid and basically falling apart. It was quite obvious that for the past year that I have owned the car the rear brakes were never working. The brake pedal always had a lot of travel to it and was always slow to stop the car. I had heard the GT had poorer brakes than the Manta so didn't thing much about it. Good thing I didn't put more than 100 miles on the car this past year. With what turned out to be only one working brake out of four I am lucky to be here writing this post. New cylinders are on order and the GT should be road ready by the weekend!
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