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First, could you do this poor moderator a favour and post your questions in the section to which it applies? So for "Brake" questions, go to the "Mechanical" heading and post under the sub-heading "Brakes".

And before you do, have a look around that section and see if your question has already been answered. This particular topic has been covered extensively. If you don't see a thread with a heading that seems to fit, please use the "Search" function to see if there is a relevant thread.

And if you still have a question, or would like a better explanation than has been provided, ask away. We all love to show off how much we know about our Opels, but a new question is always more fun to answer than the same old one for the fourth time.

Regarding your particular problem, it is very common for the flexible rubber hoses (at each front wheel and in front of the differential) to become swollen shut. They may appear fine externally, but the internal lining collapses and blocks fluid flow. And sometimes the flexible hoses allow flow OUT to the caliper or wheel cylinder, but not BACK (as in a check valve effect) so that the wheel might stay locked. This can be misdiagnosed as a seized caliper or wheel cylinder.

So replace all THREE flexible hoses. It is possible that the steel lines are corroded internally, but this is unusual. Just make sure that they are thoroughly flushed, with lots of clean brake fluid, or even better, butyl (NOT methyl) alcohol.

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