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Hi Jared!
Glad to see you have chosen well in your decision to get an Opel.
Always remember that necesity is the mother of invention so when you need to do something and you don't have the tools, think about it and use your imagination. You will be surprised what you can accomplish using this formula. But always be safe and care for the safety of others as well.

First, just because the master cylinder shoots a nice stream when the line is off does not mean that it is good. You have internal seals that virtually die of old age when not in use for long periods of time. Old brake fluid creates a brittle gum residue which cause voids on the seals and creates loss of pressure. I would invest about $6.00 in a little pressure gauge and see what it reads when you press the pedal.

Second, all rubber hoses have to go. You can get them at OGTS or at any auto parts store for about $16.00 each. Email me if you need the part number.

Third, if you don't have an air supply (compressor), you can use a bicycle pump to clean out the metal brake lines and the rear T-connector. Brake lines are not expensive, just time consuming to perform all of the bends so replacing a few clogged links should not cost very much.

Brakes are your life line when driving at any speed so please do not take any short cuts to get the car out on the street.

Enjoy your new adventure.
J blanco
gt brake man
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