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I just posted this on the Classic Opel site but thought I'd post it here also to get a thread & some info

At the local Pick-A-Part yard there are 5 BMW 320i's 80-83 years.
they all have solid rotors, NOT vented. Also 1 of them has Girling
calipers. I took one off to compare it to the ATE calipers & it is
the same as the ATE one but has a big "G" stamped in it instead
of ATE. Same size,shape,mounting holes & brake pads.

So why can't you supposedly use the Giling calipers? And whats
the deal with the vented rotors? None of these have them. I checked
some parts stores and the BMW calipers are the same part # as the
75 Opel calipers. The rotors are a different part # and mount with a
screw to the face of the hub.

AND last question. In an old post Bob L. said he also used the hubs
from the BMW. They have lug bolts not nuts to hold the wheels on.
So Bob, did you then use these or put studs in & use lug nuts?

Tom C
Pgh PA

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Thanks Gary. Yes they are from a '77 320i. Bob replied on the Classic Opel site. I'd still like to know whats the difference between the non-vented type ATE & Girling calipers though.

Or is it that you just can't use the Giling calipers from a "77 320i BUT the later 78-83 calipers either brand will work with the solid rotors? The 75 Opel "Big Brakes" are just larger,thicker,solid rotors with these ATE calipers & larger brake pads .Correct?

Tom C.
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