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body kits for a Kadett C Coupe?

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body kits

is there anywhere i can buy a body kit for my c coupe?
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Such a shame ruining a beautiful car with plastic junk. :(
not really

as far as i see it, i saved the car from the scrapyard so i can do what ever i want with it.
its not as if i have got a good one and started to chop it about.
i want to turn it into a rally rep with cage and XE lump
You might try lenk tuning in Germany. Other than that I don't know. The Kadett C did not officially make it to this side of the pond. Good luck, and keep us posted.

Any of the major German tuning firms (Lenk, Mattig, Irmscher,) had C parts in their catalogues in the 80's....not sure about now!
Mk2 escort arches I believe are not hard to make fit (forest style?).
Front spoiler in fiberglass, and rear in rubber still show up on Ebay now and again.
Maybe check with Lloyd rallying in Wales...I've been away from UK for too many years to keep track of who is still in business...maybe fibersports?
If all else fails...start measuring up some modern ricers......
HTH, Rob.
Wow! this thread is over 5 years old. I wonder did that guy find a suitable Kit yet :veryhappy

I'm really glad you decided to reply to this really old thread though Chris cause I've been looking for that Site for ages. I used to have it saved on an old Computer but couldn't find it anymore. I just love all that Berg-Cup stuff for the Kadett C. I'll have to get some prices of them :eek: :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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