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Body Question??

I an new on the board, and just wanted to say hi to everyone on here and ask a question. I just purchased a 1971 GT, the front is wrecked, and i was wondering if there was somewhere i could purchase a peplacement front end or what?? I noticed that the entire front end ties in with the body, what can i do?? This is my first Opel, and an not yet familiar with everything. any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome! I moved your thread to the "Body Repairs and Modifications" Forum.

These Opels are all unibody construction (the "frame" and body are all one) and you have to be careful in replacing major parts. But there was a recent thread on just this topic, so have a look around this Forum and see if you can find some helpful posts.

HTH and good luck

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I'm about to 1/2 a front end on my GT. One thing you're going to have to locate is a donor GT with a good front end sheet metal. There are a few people around here who have what you might need, but, no sense in doing anything till you have your donor sheet metal.

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Big Job!

Welcome to the Opel Community.
As you have found the GT body is welded into one big structure and very few of the panels bolt on - just the doors and hood! Everything else is one piece.

First you will have to track down the required sheet metal from another scrapped GT - search here (in the "Links" section) and keep an eye on eBay. Opels Unlimited or USAOpels may be able to supply the bits but it will cost a considerable amount because so many people are fixing GTs now days. Try all your local recycling yards and car dismantlers - never know what is hidden away in their yards till you start searching.

If you go to the photo galleries here on this site and look up my Gallery you will see a couple of pictures of my replacement of the front sheetmetal for my GT. It is no small task and very professional welding skills are required - I was extremely fortunate to find a very skilled and experienced bodyshop.
One of the most important steps is to make up a frame to keep everything square and in the right place before any welding is done.

Took the bodyshop "Rustorations" in Christchurch, NZ fourteen full months to complete the job but everything was done extremely well.
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